"Winter" plein air class

I was very excited to sign up for a winter plein air class this year taught by Walt Bartman at the yellow barn in Glen Echo Maryland. I was looking forward to braving the elements and having great stories to tell of painting under challenging winter conditions.

So far we've had two classes and both were on sunny days with the temperatures in the 50s and 60s! Hopefully we'll get some snow someday soon.

The first class was held at Glen Echo. Most of the class gathered around Minnehaha Creek to paint. I should point out that I'm the only watercolorist in the group. Everyone else is painting oils. It makes it a little challenging, but also very interesting to observe the way they approach their paintings. Here's a few pictures from the first class.

Today we painted at swains lock, along the C&O canal. The assignment today was to paint on a more abstract way focusing on big shapes and capturing the dark and light spaces. I'll put it simply this isn't one of my strengths as an artist… however if her class isn't challenging why am I taking it? It was a fun day painting and I also took a number of photographs to work from another time. In addition while I was painting on the canal I ran into IJ Hudson, former news man on the local NBC Channel 4. He was out photographing the birds along the shore. We had a very nice chat and hope to see him along the canal again sometime soon. In fact I should give him the credit for the photograph of me painting today.

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